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Tobacco Program Manager Honored as Prevention Hero
May 3, 2022

On May 3rd, 2022, Tobacco Program Manager, Courtney Moyett, was presented with the award for Okeechobee's Prevention Hero. This honor was bestowed by the Executive Director of Our Village of Okeechobee, Leah Suarez, as they geared up for Mental Health Awareness Month and National Prevention Week. During Mental Health Awareness Month, Our Village of Okeechobee recognized 5 members of the community for their work in the area of mental health.

Ms. Moyett was chosen due to her tireless work in the space of youth tobacco prevention and her continuous championing of mental health awareness in Okeechobee County. Ms. Suarez shared, "When it came to choosing a Prevention Hero for Okeechobee, it was actually very easy. Courtney is the voice of prevention in our community. She has worked with thousands of kids to teach them the danger of tobacco. She is creative, and her spirit resonates with all those she meets. We were so happy to name her our first Prevention Hero."

The Tobacco Free Partnership of Okeechobee County is dedicated to the creation of tobacco-free social norms through a combination of community education, youth advocacy and changes in local tobacco policies.  The mission of the Tobacco Free Partnership of Okeechobee County reflects the goals of the CDC Best Practices, especially in regard to changes in local tobacco policies to create and promote tobacco-free social norms.

The Tobacco Free Partnership of Okeechobee County is facilitated by the QuitDoc Foundation. Learn more at  To learn more about the partnership or to get involved, visit: or email Tobacco Prevention Specialist Holly Mixon at